Latest Version

Latest Version

MCalibration and PolyUMod are available in two versions:

  • Academic Version:
    The Academic version of the software is available for a fee of $60 for a one-year license that includes: (1) one node-locked license of MCalibration; (2) PolyUMod for a single FE code (floating license). Specifically, the following PolyUMod options are available: 4 license tokens for PolyUMod for Abaqus, COMSOL Multiphysics, LS-DYNA, or MSC.MARC; or 1 Standard Solver (2 CPUs) and 1 HPC Solver (32 CPUs) for PolyUMod for ANSYS. The Academic version can only be used for non-commercial applications, and requires proof of academic affiliation.  The license fee for the Academic version is $60/year, and needs to be paid by credit card.
  • MCalibration Professional:
    This is the full version of the software that can be used to calibrate any of the built-in material models in Abaqus and ANSYS, and many materials models in LS-DYNA, MSC.MARC, and COMSOL.

If you have an activation key or a license file, then you can get the PolyUMod and MCalibration software from the following page of the Veryst Engineering website.

In order to install and use the software you need an activation key or a license file. The software change log is available here.

Create an account on the Veryst Help Center to get a trial license:
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